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Soo Bahk Do

Moo Do Life


Take your training beyond class

Join Master William Johns in his morning 

training sessions Mon. - Fri.

6:00AM via LIVE Facebook video stream


(daily videos also available for later viewing)

Create a lifestyle of Discipline, Confidence

Self-Defence and Fitness/Health

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Get started NOW

Ask to join our private

Facebook group

(Non-Facebook option below)

Moo Do Life-No Belts, White Belts,

Orange Belts and up

by clicking the link below:


Join Live Facebook Stream

Step Two

Watch the instructional videos on the

Yoga-like stretching routine

"5 Breath Soo Bahk Do Stretching" 

(O Hup)

Introduction    Video      PDF

O Hup Basic Training    Video      PDF

Step Three

Start your mornings the

Moo Do way!

Rise and shine to join

Johns Sa Bom Nim:

Martial arts Yoga-like routine

(5 Breaths)

Fitness Warm up

and the

No Belt - Orange Belt

Fitness Patterns

No Facebook Account?

here's a link to an actual morning

Moo Do Life live streamed

video on Youtube



Did you know that you can create

a Facebook account


your real name or a picture of you?

That way you can join

Moo Do Life live -

which is the best way to make

sure you actually do it!

and you don't have to worry about

keeping up with a Facebook

account and all your

friends, because nobody will 

know it's you!

This is mentioned only because

most students find that viewing it live

makes sure they actually

create their Moo Do Life

-since Master Johns can see who's

watching the live stream...

So please keep this in mind if you

find that you're not able

to do your Moo Do Life as you

had hoped!

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