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Soo Bahk Do

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4th Gup

Green Belt

(access to videos of previous ranks at the end)

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Self-Defence Training

Basic Techniques

( Ki Cho Bup )

Upper Body Self-Defence

5 techniques

4th Gup Hand Techniques

Soo Gi ) 

Technique List

1. Low Open Hand Block, Reverse Chop to Neck

with back hand

2. Side Kick, High Block, Middle Punch

with back hand

3. Back Kick, Open Hand Block, Middle

Punch with back hand

4. Outside Open Hand Block in Back Stance,

Plier Hand with back hand

5. Yuk Jin Kong Kyuk: Chop to Neck in Back

Stance, back hand Middle Punch

(same stance); Side Punch (horse stance)

Video      PDF

Lower Body Self-Defence

5 techniques

5th Gup Foot Techniques

Jok Gi )

(same as for 5th gup)


Technique List

1. Spinning Back Kick

2. Spinning Hook Kick

3. Spinning Inside Outside Kick

4. Jumping Inside Outside Kick

5. Angle step, Jumping Side Kick with back foot

Video      PDF


Discipline Practice

One-Step Sparring #13 & 14

( IL Soo Sik Dae Ryun )

Technique Sequence

#13: Prepare - Pick up your left leg as your right arm

goes around your waist and your right arm a

round your neck: 

1. Front Kick - Do a right hand High Open Hand Block

with your back hand closed, into a Back Stance;

2. Roundhouse Kick & Inside Kick - Right leg short

Roundhouse Kick (without pivot), release the hip but

don't set your foot down; lower your partner's

punch with your right hand, and do an Inside Kick

up and over their shoulder but don't set

your foot down;

3. Left leg Standing Sweep - Set you kicking foot down

by stepping across your left leg as you bring your left

hand to the front of your partners lead shoulder

(thumb down), simultaneously sweep your

partner's left foot forward with your left leg

4. Kneeling punch with your back right hand - Step

to the left with your left leg and then down into a

Kneeling Punch with your back hand; then

help your partner up

Video     PDF


Confidence Building

Escape from grabs

Ho Sin Sool )

2 on 2 Wrist Grips 1 - 4

(all 4 required for test)

Technique Sequence


Raise your right arm as you

bring your left arm to your hip while you

lower your hips 

1. ESCAPE: Step to the right with your right

foot to escape both arms;

2. DOUBLE CHOP: Turn your stance to the left

and do a double chop-to the centre with your

left hand and to the neck with your right hand;

3. RETURN: Return from the double chop by

pulling your hip back into a horse stance

to retract both hands so that your

right arm is at a right angle upward

and your left is held across your centre


step into a front stance with your

right foot as you guide your right arm 

around your neck and your left over to your

partner's left side

1. TURN AND TRAP: Turn your hips into a left

Front Stance as your left arm circles up

and counter-clockwise to trap your

partner's  wrists;

2. PREP FOR HOP: Lift up your front left foot

in preparation to hop to the left;

3. CHOP TO NECK: Do an inside chop to your

partner's neck with your left hand

#3: Prepare - U GRIP: make a U-grip on your

partner's gripping hand as you pick up

your left foot

Raise your hands and angle step forward and to

your right and under your hands; Turn your hips to

the right to turn both feet

until they are facing to your rear right;


Step backwards and get submission

3. FRONT HAND PUNCH:  Do a short High

Punch with your front left hand,


KICK: Retreat your front left foot and do either

a Front Kick or a Short Roundhouse Kick (no pivot) -

depending on the angle of their body to you

#4: Prepare - Description to be completed

Video     PDF


Fitness Patterns


Hyung )

4th Pyong Ahn Form

( Pyong Ahn Hyung Sa Dan )

Note: only Lev 1 & 2 are

required for your test

Description to be completed

Lev 1: Technique Sequence

Video    PDF

Lev 2: Core Dynamics

Video    PDF

Lev 3a: Rhythm & Kicking

(front view)

Video    PDF

Lev 3b: Rhythm & Kicking

(rear view)

Video    PDF


Cross Training

Self-Defence; Discipline; Confidence & Fitness 

( Free Sparring - Ja Yu Dae Ryun )

Video     PDF


Lower Rank Materials

Access Portals

Videos, PDFs, etc.

Access No Belt materials

10th Gup materials Access 

Access to 9th Gup materials 

8th Gup materials Access

Access 7th Gup materials

6th Gup materials Access

Access 5th Gup materials

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