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The benefits

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Discipline, confidence, self-defence and fitness/health are yours forever


The martial arts

are legendary 

...for discipline, confidence, self-defence

and fitness/health.



Discipline is essential to succeed in life.

Traditional martial arts are known for their discipline.  Children need it to focus in school, and youth and adults need it to reach their goals - in their studies, work and life. 

Benefits for the whole family

We don't just make Black Belts, we create leaders 

It's how we build confidence and inner strength.

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Confidence gives us the "Yes, I can!" attitude.

Martial arts training teaches people how to handle themselves.  This comes through to others as confidence.  Bullies and predators of all ages intuitively avoid those with confidence.

Kids learn life skills

Special Needs Program

We offer special classes

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to those with special needs

The best self-defence

is becoming someone that nobody would even think about trying to assault.


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Bullies and predators avoid trying to victimise someone who's known to be studying martial arts. 

Regular training continually sharpens the most important keys to effective self-defence.  For defence against strangers, these keys are awareness, attitude and confidence.  For defence against those who know you, a reputation as a martial artist works best.



mind   body   spirit

Starting an exercise program is easy.

Keeping it up is the big challenge.

Martial arts exercise is the best program for fitness and health because it empowers your spirit and engages your mind.  Your body is happy to follow.


Your instructor acts as your personal trainer.  All you have to do is come to class.

Customise your experience


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Looking for something other than discipline, confidence, self-defence and fitness/health?  

Customise your experience to make sure you get exactly what you're after.

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Life Hack?

Yeah, we've got that

-times two

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Martial arts


Plus, customise your training!

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Too easy!


Get your Complete Martial Arts Starter Package for only $49!

A private lesson, a month of classes & a uniform* - give us a go with no commitment to join

Just hit BOOK NOW to start with a private lesson!


Or call/text

0475 454 448

*uniform included only when you enrol in our martial arts program

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